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‘Dedicated’ or ‘Responsive’?

This site is more than ‘Mobile-Responsive’. It’s ‘Mobile-Dedicated’ – especially down-sized to give you a better mobile experience.

The clear message on the Internet Wall is ‘Web sites need to get smaller’ – at least for mobiles! So texts are cut down, there are fewer pages and everything is arranged to maximize the mobile viewer’s experience.

This is ‘Mobile Dedicated’ – a cousin of ‘Mobile Responsive’ (your regular site, programmed to be viewed on small screens). The one size fits all approach is no longer valid, because people prefer shorter and more concise content that’s easy to read and scroll on mobile screens.

I and my Futureweb team specialize in creating Mobile-Dedicated sites. This demands discipline and expertise. Working together with the client, we’ll take material from the existing (mobile-responsive?) site and shape it for mobiles.

When visitors want more information, they can click through click through to the Desktop version of the site.

Technically both sites can work well. If you type a URL on a Desktop computer, you go to the regular site. If you do it on a mobile, you go to the short version.

See Mobile-Dedicated site examples