Never underestimate the persuasive letter

The power to explain and persuade is relevant for every kind of business communication. Getting professional help with English content can make your document far more effective.

Some of the English documents that we prepare have great importance. This may be an introductory letter or a proposal – even an updated company profile. We want to make a good impression and have our messages stimulate a positive response. Yet often the target is missed and so the opportunity passes us by. 

It’s a challenge to arrange ideas, concepts and intentions in a compelling way. People’s attention span today is short, so you need to make your point from the start. That’s where a skilled marketing writer can help you.

When you invest effort in an important business document such as a letter, proposal, report or presentation, you have the power to turn an indifferent response into an enthusiastic one. The elements for success are focus and the determination to be persuasive.

If you have a special internal business document to prepare in English, let me help.