Printed brochures still have impact

When you need a printed brochure (or even a PDF) in English, use the right approach that will get it noticed and acted upon.

Print can be powerful, especially when it’s skillfully done. Being able to flip through a brochure and catch all the key points in moments is faster than you can do with digital media.

When businesses choose print, it’s surprising how often they will invest in the design and printing of a document – but neglect the content side. The first reason for taking a brochure or a flyer is to read it.

Let’s go further. A brochure collects many interconnected messages. It demands good logic, an appealing flow and interesting (credible) statements. The copywriter is the one who starts and guides that process.

It’s also the copywriter’s job – as the first one in the creative process – to make sure that there’s a good balance between visual and textual elements. Text is not just the ‘filler’ between photos (as some designers may think). It’s there to explain your uniqueness and to deliver reader value!