Project Management – LP

How my expertise serves you

‘Time to market’ is important when a Marcom project is needed and you don’t have the time yourself. I can manage all stages of such a project.

 A long career, with all the experiences gained, has a way of showing you where the true path is. A lot has to do with anticipating and avoiding problems.

Very often, project management (such as for a website or regular newsletters) is marked not by how much time is gained but rather by how much time is lost – through mistakes and false turnings. As they say:’Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.’

It can be a smart move to work with a Marcom expert who cooperates closely with you – while giving you the freedom and time to concentrate on other business.

If you’re in such a position and need to meet a deadline with an important Marcom project, I’d be delighted to hear from you.