Excellent English? Not enough!

Language is a tool. Marketing language is a finely-shaped tool, intended for specific targets. For English MarCom to succeed, it needs specialist help, says Senior Copywriter Mike Druttman. 

It’s sad but true that too often a marketing-support piece, produced in English, neglects the content side. Texts are too long, headlines are unappealing and there’s poor continuity. The spark of creativity is missing.

Let’s assume you’re a client whose native tongue is not English. What questions might you ask?

Q: I don’t like how my text has been translated into English. How can I make it more interesting?

A: English text as a start gives your ‘story’ some structure. However there’s more to do. Are all parts of the story there? Do they have the correct order and emphasis? A copywriter will assemble the information, giving it interest and flow. 

Q: How can I get people to notice my messages?

A: Arrange the texts in ‘easy bites’ so that people understand both your messages and their sequence. Good headings and subheadings help to bring focus. Also write content from a ‘you’ and not a ‘we’ perspective.

Q: Is length of text and size of document important?

A: Absolutely! You need to rise above our noisy world overflowing with messages.  Follow the motto ‘less is more’. Make sentences shorter. Summarize the situation. Write one printed page, not two. Write 250 words, not 400.

Q: Why is it hard to find skilled English writers?

A: A good writer will spend as much time editing a text as writing it. He’ll answer questions such as: Is it compelling? Does it avoid ‘empty talking’? Does it invite taking action? Edit, think, edit more. A writer must always push himself/herself to  improve.

Q: Can you match my friend/colleague’s price? It’s half.

 A: Consider the difference between amateur and quality professional work – the ‘delta’. A ‘cheap’ article by an English speaker may cost 120 Euros. An ‘expensive’ article by a professional English copywriter may cost 200 Euros shekels. Is the 80 Euro difference justified for the strong market impact you’ll get?

You want people to understand “why you”? Isn’t that worth giving the content your best effort?