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How everything interconnects

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I’m Mike Druttman. My work in Marketing Communications and English Copywriting has given me skills across the spectrum of Content Marketing projects.

By shaping market-support tools such as websites, articles, presentations, reports and videos over many years, I’ve learnt the value of interconnection. Every project is a fresh start and opportunity to enhance your image. What you do here can have a positive effect there.

For example, creating good content across different media is the way to strengthen branding. A good website can be the core for a strong corporate brochure. An important report can be used to develop an impressive slide presentation.

Marketing Communications is a journey. You can always discover new opportunities – if you know where to look and can re-use what you already have.

To achieve this I work with my ‘Centers of Excellence’ team – specialists in areas such as graphic design, website programming, newsletter and video production.

I gained my professional skills at leading UK advertising agencies and PR consultancies before moving to Israel. Since then I’ve been involved with a wide range of fields and interests, serving clients in the USA, across Europe and in the Middle East.

I have over 35 years of professional work experience.

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