Business writing – LP2

Communicate well

Business documents are the strong base upon which everything else is built

How can the effectiveness of business communications via routine documents like emails or reports be improved?

How you impress
This is all about the messaging. All it takes is some extra effort to ensure that messages are clear, short and ‘to the point’. Nobody wants to discover the main reason for a letter on Line 10 instead of Line 1.

Building credibility
When you offer interesting facts and present them well, you build credibility. An business writer should use such information and, if not available, search for it.

Talking to ‘their’ interest
‘Reframing’ is when you edit and re-shape messages. It requires writing experience. When your content talks to ‘their’ interest, it becomes more effective than when you just explain ‘our’ benefits.

Everything’s connected
Having a broad perspective will bring results because everything we write has an effect. An important business letter may stimulate upgrades to web pages. An executive summary may provide material for a Powerpoint presentation.

The copywriter/marketing writer involved with all these communications tools will have the skills to exploit them for further use.