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There's nothing like personal one-on-one tutoring sessions to sharpen your English writing and editing skills. Benefit from Mike Druttman's long experience as a business writer to make your written communication much more effective!

Personal tutoring suited to you
Each one of us is different with unique skill-sets and expectations. Yet we can all achieve better results with proper professional guidance. That's the great benefit of personal tutoring in preference to class training - boosting individual focus and building confidence. Tutoring can also be more easily adapted to your own timetable.

Over three decades of experience at your service
Mike Druttman has spent a lifetime enhancing his professional writing skills. Much of that time was spent in editing and improving the work of others. In Israel he has also taught numerous English Copywriting classes. He enjoys teaching and guiding others as much as undertaking the work himself.

Significant improvements in a short time
A set of personal tutoring sessions with Mike (generally once a week plus home assignments) can give you strong insights and valuable tools in becoming a more effective writer in English and using the language to better advantage.

Remember: the market is overflowing with content. Your messages need to stand out and be memorable.

Contact Mike Druttman today about Personal Tutoring for better English writing skills.
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Branding Dissonance
There’s often a mismatch between the way that
a company sees itself and how others perceive
it through its business communications.

A brand may look and quack like a duck,
but swim like a dog. If so, what is it?

Good communications will close that gap.
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