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Topics for personal tutoring in English marketing writing

A set of tutoring sessions with Mike Druttman may include a selection of these topics. Other topics can be added to suit individual needs.

Information organization and preparation
Preparation before a job, the right amount of research and knowing what to look for can make all the difference between a satisfying and a frustrating job.

Defining the main marketing messages
This is part of the essential Briefing process - the ability to define what are the main marketing messages and in what order they should be presented.

Creativity and the power of headlines
How to look for the unique features in a product or service; the importance of branding; finding the creative spark; the importance of headlines, subheads and introductory sentences.

Editing and summarizing skills
The importance of good editing; techniques for shortening and improving long texts; ways of avoiding repetition and complexity; how to turn features into benefits.

The special demands of the Web
Emphasis on making the content more reader-friendly and interesting; understanding the hierarchy of the reading process and satisfying the people who just 'scan'; the importance of keywords.

Business correspondence - emails, proposals etc
Becoming more efficient in day-to-day business communications; knowing how to organize material properly; keeping things short and interesting.

Tutoring in English business writing can help you make the most of first business opportunities.

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